Get better faster. Book a ONE-on-ONE.

YOUR body. YOUR schedule. YOUR goals. Your GET BETTER FASTER plan.

OMGoodness, can’t believe the difference between yesterday and today. Slept through the night and huge reduction in pain, whatever we did, it worked!!! Thank you!


Consider this: group yoga classes are a 20th century invention. Traditionally, the teacher would personalize yoga practice for each student. No class or sequence, no matter how amazing, can be right for everyone – even everyone with the same medical condition.

That’s why, for years now, Satori put emphasis on working privately with students, especially those who come to yoga to heal injuries and chronic conditions. One-on-one approach is not only grounded both in authentic yoga practice and modern science, it plain MAKES SENSE and produces FASTER RESULTS. Guaranteed!

Guaranteed? Am I full of it?

Here is the scoop: I’ve been working with private clients for over 6 years now. More often than not, yoga therapy is the last resort and the last hope: people who come to see me usually have been through the mill and tried everything under the sun. Most of my clients notice improvement after their initial appointment, and sustained improvement (sustained meaning the effects of our practice do not wear off after a few days) within the first three months of weekly appointments.

So, YUP, guaranteed.

Stop dabbling. Stop wasting your time and money. Start moving forward. NOW.