Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: I’ve checked the address on Facebook and still can’t find your studio – where in God’s name are you located?
A: SATORI operates out of two different locations:
~ All PRIVATE classes are held at my HOME studio (I know, very convenient – and I love it). For obvious reasons I choose not to advertise my home address; you will receive a WELCOME PACKAGE with address and driving directions once you book a private appointment.
~ All GROUP classes are held at SATORI studio, which is conveniently and centrally located at #200, 9914 – 109 Avenue. Where is that exactly? It is behind FourWord bike shop and kitty corner from KFC Plaza on 109th Avenue. We are on the second floor, directly above the wellness center. And yes, a studio sign is on my very, very, very long to do list.

Satori Yoga + Yoga Therapy

Q: Where do I start? Group or private? Which class is best for me?
A: This is the hard one, because every person is unique and the SATORI approach takes into consideration and deeply respects everyone’s’ uniqueness and individuality. Obviously, it is impossibly for me to suggest the right course of action without seeing you, and seeing the way you live and move in your body. Here are some simple guidelines, and be sure to check out class descriptions before registering:
If you have a lot of pain, restriction, limitation and can’t “do a day” without the need for pain medication, napping or other means of recovery and pain intervention, your best bet is to start with a one-on-one session (schedule your’s here) to assess and plan from that point forward.
Group classes are great for everyone who don’t have intractable pain or major limitations. Many students living with persistent pain use Pain Care yoga class as a part of their overall pain management plan with great success. Ultimately, students who do both – some private yoga therapy along with regular group classes get the MOST POWERFUL changes, and in a shorter time, too.
Q: I’m not flexible at all. Can I still do yoga?
A: 100% absolutely! SATORI is known for come-as-you-are classes – with deep therapeutic benefits, this yoga style will meet you exactly where you are. In fact, I’m certified to teach adapted yoga class to students with spinal cord injuries. You will gain deep healing benefits of safe movement and diaphragmatic breathing, plus also learn how you can regulate your nervous system to reduce pain levels, understand and use correct postural alignmejnhi912i9egh8ecdf6`tvgnt principles to instantly feel better in your body, and develop movement strategies that are healing, not hurting, your joints.
My students are incredibly diverse: both men and women, people with LOTS of yoga experience looking for more depth and quietude, and people with no yoga experience, looking for a non-intimidating way into the practice. All body shapes, sizes and fitness levels are more than welcome – this is your practice; you get to be yourself and look like yourself. And, hopefully, by the end of the class you will feel like a version of yourself that is just a bit closer to your truest Nature.
Q: Do you offer drop-ins?
A: Drop-ins are a great way to get introduced to yoga, and a really lousy way to benefit from a yoga practice. Also, having a drop-in available hinders the progress of committed students. Hence, Satori drop-in policy is such: you are absolutely welcome to drop-in and test-drive any class during the first week classes in any session. From there, session registration is required to attend classes. Fair is fair! I’m still trying to figure out the best integration way for those who discover Satori when we are in mid-session. Any suggestions?
Q: How long are your sessions?
A: SATORI year, similar to academic year, is divided into 3 semesters or sessions. Each session is approximately 9 – 13 weeks long, depending on my training schedule.
Fall Session – September, October, November, December. Winter Session – January, February, March. Spring Session – April, May, June.
In addition, SATORI offers a Short n’ Sweet End Of Summer Session – usually the last 2 – 3 weeks of August. This short session is a perfect way to tune back into your yoga bandwidth or dip a toe (or several) into SATORI signature no-nonsense approach to yoga. Try it out, see what you think (and feel) before committing to a longer session.
Q: How long are the classes?
A: In the past, classes have run for 75 minutes. This year I am test-driving something new – longer classes (90 minutes) to include 20 minutes of meditation in each class. Let’s see if that sticks!
Q: What do I need to bring? Do I need a mat?
A: We provide all the props and supplies you might need. Just bring yourself and your willingness to try something unfamiliar. And maybe a bottle of water; preferably a reusable bottle – Primus makes my very favorite ones.
Q: What do I wear?
A: SATORI yoga style is more of a “work-in” than a “workout”; you won’t be breaking a sweat! Wear moveable, comfortable clothes, and bring an extra layer – even though I do my best to keep the temperature at an even 22, you might discover that you cool down as your body deeply relaxes. Luckily, we have lots of blankets at the studio – many a folk had a power snooze during Savasana (that’s a yoga word for final relaxation pose – practiced at the end of each class) all cozied up under those blankets.
An important note on what NOT TO WEAR: please refrain, as much as possible, from wearing any scented products to your yoga class. Many students have environmental allergies; plus, none of us, allergies or not, need to be exposed to more chemical soup. Let’s breathe clean air!
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