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BALL + YIN is an all-natural balls-out approach to pain management.

No, it’s not what you think it is:)


 BALL + YIN is designed especially for you if:



~ you have a nagging pain in your neck;

~ you rely on cortisone shots for your funked up shoulder;

~ you spend five days in bed each month because your back “went out”;

~ your plantar fasciitis persisted for over a year now;

~ you depend on drugs to manage your fibromyalgia or your sciatic pain.

Hey, my name is Julia

Living with chronic pain has taught me to look for solutions in unlikely places –  places where most people see only problems.

Over the years I’ve gotten to be pretty good at this problem-solving and silver-lining finding thing.

So good that I felt compelled to share what I’ve learned and help others to find their sea legs while navigating, living, and winning their battle with chronic pain.

BALL + YIN works WAAAAAY faster than any drugs!

When: Thursdays 7:45 PM – 9:15 PM, Jan 9th – Mar 22nd

How much: 294$ + GST

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Whenever I teach classes, especially PAIN CARE YOGA classes, I invite students to place a hand on “where it hurts.”

Seems silly?

Try it for yourself:

Put your hand on where it hurts.
Close your eyes.
Take a few breaths.
Imagine you are breathing into your hand

Here is the deal:

the fastest way to get a response in your body is through touch.

According to the 2012 research, it only takes 90 seconds for the cells to begin responding to pressure changes. It takes a whole lot longer for a pill to dissolve and make it into your blood stream.

This is why we spend the first few weeks of every yoga session by working with yoga therapy balls: these grippy, pliable balls take the concept of touch to a whole new level.

A muscle stays short, tense and contracted because the nervous system is telling it to do so.

Muscles that have become locked up due to stress, injury or poor movement patterns create an internal dam effect – nutrients aren’t delivered into the hungry tissues, and waste products aren’t filtered out.
This is one of the reasons why knots are tender to touch: the inflammation locked into the tissues irritates the nerve cells within the knots, causing pain.

Balls increase circulation and stretch wherever they are rolled. The rolling and kneading action unglues persistent myofascial restrictions by unwinding knots, sticky lumps, and adhesions.

Deliberate ball work coupled with a mindful attitude alters the nervous tone, induces relaxation, helps your body breathe better, which, in turn, further reduces nervousness and anxiety.

Delve deeper: add in the YIN!

Once the myofascial adhesions are dissolved, yin postures work beautifully to lengthen and hydrate connective tissue, feed the nerve endings, and further soothe the mind. And because yin postures work along TCM meridian lines, you get the added benefit of acupressure massage – all in one workshop.

What Satori students are saying:

“”Most of the time when I thought of “core” I thought of it as a workout, but this class is not a traditional exercise class.

For the first time ever, I am starting to understand how my body aligns, which helps me understand how I have compensated for pain, and in doing so, have caused myself more pain!

With much gratitude and awe…”


“OMGoodness, can’t believe the difference between yesterday and today.

Slept through the night and huge reduction in pain, whatever we did, it worked!!!

Thank you!”



New set of  BALL + YIN classes starts on January 9th
Join us on the mat – you will be glad you did!

When: Thursdays 7:45 PM – 9:15 PM, Jan 9th – Mar 22nd

How much: 294$ + GST

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