12 years ago I couldn't climb a flight of stairs.

This is my now.

What do you dream about?
“I wasn’t sure if I could do a more advanced class but now my muscles are more relaxed, the pain has subsided quite a bit, and my physical activities have increased..as well as my mental state being more calm. I especially have liked learning what my limit is today but slowly moving to extend that limit tomorrow through Julia’s compassionate, yet firm, instruction. Satori is one of the few yoga classes that has worked for me. Knowing that Julia has overcome many of the same difficulties her students are facing gives great hope for others. I am grateful for having discovered Satori – I don’t think I would have the quality of life that I am enjoying now.”

“Satori Yoga is more than a class…. It is an experience! Julia cares about her peeps and makes each of us feel Special. She has a gift that few people have let alone yoga instructors! She is extremely knowledgeable, continues her education, and is a great example to everyone.”
– Joanne

“I have hope & a better outlook on the future! Julia really works with you and seems to instinctively know what is best for you as far as poses, limitations. I have had progressive pain relief and I really really enjoy her class.”
– Lois

“I didn’t think yoga would do anything for me but I now have more energy and I always look forward to my classes! Julia’s personality is so calming, she is a wonderful instructor.”
– Puneet

“Julia is very good at picking out what a body needs and modifying exercises to the need and condition if need be. She gives very good direction, the classes are relaxing and peaceful, and I have achieved more flexibility.”
– Patricia

“My weekly yoga is an important part of my self care and personal wellness. I am more relaxed, more flexible, my core strength has increased, and I can take my mindfulness and meditation anywhere I go! For anyone looking for answers or wanting to get more active, Julia is genuine and knowledgeable, she makes anyone feel welcome, she is kind and respectful and always non-judgmental.”
– Nicole



….pollution, constant stress, computer screens, sitting all day long… modern lifestyle is wrecking our health and making our planet sick.

Many of us, if not most of us, spend precious resources – energy, time, money – dabbling with improving our health without having a clear direction or getting consistent results.

Do you dream about sleeping through the night? Walking without pain? Not feeling exhausted by the end of the day so you can play with your kids (and your grandkids)? Do you dream about a beautiful garden that you were able to lovingly tend with your own hands, or maybe worry-free travel, and a perfect glass of wine in the Tuscan countryside? Do you dream about running a marathon, or, like me, spending as much time as possible in the serenity of the wilderness? Or maybe stress-free digestion is at the top your health dream list?

Health issues, especially on-going health issues, erode our dreams. When our health fails it is next to impossible to think about anything else. Constant health problems eat away at our very ability to dream. We give up. We give up on our potential, our dreams, and our birthright to live our lives to the fullest.

Hey, my name is Julia, and I’m the heart-centered solopreneur behind Satori Yoga Studio.

Over the years of my own health trials and tribulations I’ve learned this simple truth: better health is not some remote destination, reachable only by a chosen few.

I believe, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that your health dream, whatever it is, is POSSIBLE, ACHIEVABLE, and IS YOURS FOR THE TAKING.

I don’t teach pounding the body into submission, and I don’t exercise mind control because I haven’t seen either one of these methods work sustainably over time.

Instead, I teach deep inner listening, precise alignment, and mindful movement. I encourage (and hopefully embody) holding one’s health in the highest regard.

Join me, and I will show how to use SMALL + STRATEGIC steps to positively influence your physiology and create sustainable improvement. Call me the queen of slow, but I know for a fact that SMALL + STRATEGIC steps are the fastest way to better health. Guaranteed. Try it for yourself.

You have this extra something that most people don’t have that is hard to explain. Like you were meant to do what you are doing!


OMGoodness, can’t believe the difference between yesterday and today. Slept through the night and huge reduction in pain, whatever we did, it worked!!! Thank you!


The greatest benefit for me: I can garden, get on a ladder to clean the fans, power wash and paint the 40 year old wooden chairs that my Dad made, get on and off the tractor, etc. etc. ………and not feel like an old lady! Thanks Julia!


I appreciate your kindness and genuine interest in every one of your students. Execution of classes and explanation of poses and the benefits. I have not been in a class like yours and truly enjoy the uniqueness 🙂


You are so in tune and have such a deep understanding of how bodies work that it puts you at an extreme advantage. You are able to take people who can hardly move, and add movement, pain free movement, to their day. Your ability to recognize when someone is not moving properly, and to be able to pin point so clearly what will help them in that situation never ceases to amaze me. I am in my body and all I know is that moving this way pinches- you are always able to suggest a shape for the person to get into, or a prop to add, that causes the body to respond much easier to the movement. I think you are exceptional, I am thankful everyday that you are in my life and wish I could give as much back to you as I feel you give to me.


Top 3 benefits for me : Better sleep. Gaining valuable knowledge as to how the nervous system works in regards to pain. Movement of painful areas in a safe environment with mindfulness about limitations.


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